2016 District IX Cup Championships

Dates, location and entry information!

The 2016 District IX Cup Championships tournament is for CYSA District IX boys and girls teams in the U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19 age groups playing in the Recreation Division. There are separate cups for each age, gender and division. This year the District Board of Directors has decided to return the District Cup to a "tournament of champions" and team entry will be handled by each league. The entry fee for the U10 age group for this year will be $170 and must be paid by league check. The entry fee for the U12 and above age groups for this year will be $250 and must be paid by league check.

Due to CCSL scheduling, there will be no Comp cup this year.


At the Summer 2015 District IX Board of Directors meeting the the league presidents and board members voted to change the District Cup rules. The new rules take effect immediately and freeze all rosters on October 1, 2016 for teams participating in the District Cup. All Transfers and Adds must be completed prior to October 1 to be eligible for District Cup. Once a player has been transferred to a new team she/he must participate the remainder of the season on the new team. District Cup does not allow any Guest Players.

The Recreation Cup is open only to each league's champion (ie Anderson sends one team, Lassen sends one team, etc). Each league can determine independently how their league champion is "crowned". Additional slots will be awarded to the Cup hosts and the larger leagues in District IX if necessary. The Recreation Cup will be held on the weekend of November 5-6 (with an alternate rain date of November 12-13). The cups will be played and concluded in a single weekend with each age group championship game being played on Sunday afternoon (typical).

Teams are required to obtain credentials verification from their home league registrar (rule VII.j.). Please contact your league registrar to obtain the necessary clearance. You will be given a form to present to the host site before your first game.

Locations: This year's plan is to host the entire cup at the Redding Soccer Park (additional fields may be used based on the number of teams that register)!.

Have questions or need more information? Drop the Cup Coordinator an email here Craig Sannebeck.